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TEN steps to Titanium elastic nailing in femur

  Position the patient. Distraction on fracture table. Protect and pad perineum and the normal limb. Select the nails: Nail size is 0.4 x D Bend the nails: Bending length = tip to fracture distance x 2,  Bending height = 3 x D Uniform smooth bend, Medial entry nail will have more bending length. Initial […]

Stories of people with cerebral palsy

One Little Finger by Malini Chib One Little Finger is the autobiography of Malini Chib—a woman who defied all odds to emerge victorious in spite of a crippling disability and an indifferent society; who dragged herself out of the limits of her condition. This is the story of Malini’s search for independence and identity, and […]

How to differentiate between True equines and Apparent equines

How to differentiate between true equines and Apparent equines What is equines deformity? Equinus deformity is a common deformity in children with cerebral palsy. It is characterised by excessive planter flexion of  calcaneus relative to tibia. It is caused by spasticity or contracture in gastrocnemues or soleus or both resulting in dynamic or static equines […]

Treatment of overriding fractures of distal forearm in children

6 year old with distal forearm fracture displaced in plaster             What are the options of treatment? a. Remanipulation and plaster b. Manipulation and closed pinning c. Manipulation with blunt wire and pinning and plaster d Accept the reduction Now watch the video in this link of a study from […]

What is the correct treatment for tarus (buckle ) fractures of distal radius in children

                      5 year old with injury to forearm due to fall in the playground How do you manage these fractures? a above elbow plaster b below elbow plaster c splints How long will you continue immobilisation? a 2 weeks b 3 weeks c 4 weeks […]

Management of Septic Arthritis in children

                            Dr Taral Nagda Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon www.ipodindia.org The Guru Mantra “The risks of delayed drainage far outweigh the benefits of waiting and watching for a response to antibiotics.” The Facts and figures The knowledge of these general facts regarding pattern of […]

Evaluation of a child with elbow injury

Pulled Elbow in Children

The article describes clinical fratures of the pulled elbow or nursemaid’s elbow and describes methods to treat it

Current management of cerebral palsy

The article explores the curent management of cerebral palsy

Technique of genu valgum correction with growth modulation

E plate hemiepiphysiodesis is a modern method to correct the deformities of long bones in a growing child. It works on the principle that controlling the growth on one side of growth plate results in angulation on the oppositefinal side.