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Techniques in Children’s Orthopedics

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Pulled Elbow in Children

The article describes clinical fratures of the pulled elbow or nursemaid’s elbow and describes methods to treat it

Technique of genu valgum correction with growth modulation

E plate hemiepiphysiodesis is a modern method to correct the deformities of long bones in a growing child. It works on the principle that controlling the growth on one side of growth plate results in angulation on the oppositefinal side.

Percutaneous correction of Tibia Vara with mini ex fix

The article describes step by step approach to percutaneous correction of tivia vara

Technique of percutaneous temotomy for CTEv in prone position

The article describes a new technique of tendo achilis tenotomy as a part of Ponseti treatment for clubfoot in prone position. It is easy, convenient and needs less number of assistants.